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Davis’ FIT House holds benefit spin class for breast cancer awareness month


Nov 1, 2022

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming to a close, Davis’ FIT House chose to hold a Survival of the FITest PINK Spin Class Saturday – a benefit ride that donated all proceeds to the nonprofit organization Thriving Pink.

“Thriving Pink provides support for those diagnosed with breast cancer and to their families as well,” Caryn DeMoura, event coordinator and spin instructor, emphasized. “They have made a huge impact in the community and FIT House is proud to be a part of their community this year and past years.”

The event was a success, with 15 people attending the outdoor spin class that featured four instructors and a DJ raising $1,600 for the Yolo County nonprofit.

DeMoura noted that Royal Guest House partnered with FIT House this year to benefit Thriving Pink.

“We are all thankful for this wonderful community who continue to show up and support each other through the hard and good times,” she stressed.

Blanche McNaughton, co-owner of FIT House, noted that the business and Thriving Pink have always had a close relationship because they shared the same building before the nonprofit outgrew the small office.

She argued that it’s important to support Thriving Pink because of what they do for local women.

“They actually give to women of Davis… and you can see it enriches their lives right now in a time that’s really challenging for these women,” she highlighted. “They’re experiencing something most of us can’t even relate to and we feel it’s important that it gives back to women in our community.”

FIT House Davis is located at 302 G St. in downtown Davis. To learn more about the business and upcoming events, visit

Leslie Hunter, executive director for Thriving Pink, noted that the nonprofit and FIT House have partnered on several events in the past, especially in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“We appreciate the support of the FIT House owners, instructors and clients who continue to volunteer for Thriving Pink,” Hunter highlighted. “They are a special Davis business who have supported our efforts since Thriving Pink was formed six years ago.”

Joni Rubin, chair of the Thriving Pink Board of Directors, argued that “the statistics are daunting,” with one in eight women in the United States diagnosed with invasive breast cancer throughout their lifetime and an estimated 3.8 million survivors.

“This is a disease that impacts all of us,” she stressed. “Everyone can help by increasing awareness around prevention and early detection and also by helping to support those in our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Rubin noted that increasing awareness can help to reduce stigma and fear while also promoting early detection and prevention.

“If breast cancer is caught early, the outcomes are quite positive,” she explained. “The five-year survival rate for localized invasive breast cancer is 99%, according to the American Cancer Society.”

“For those of us who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, October can be a particularly difficult month with all of the reminders of our disease but seeing the level of community-wide support throughout Yolo County is a powerful and inspiring message that we are not on this journey alone.”

Rubin encourages people to be more proactive about early detection and prevention and can do so by first trying to notice any changes in our bodies.

“I have heard many stories of women finding their breast cancer themselves because they noticed a change – maybe a lump or a change in their skin texture – and they didn’t ignore it,” Rubin remarked. “Anyone can stop by the Thriving Pink office to pick up materials in both English and Spanish on breast self-exams.”

Additionally, Rubin said regular mammogram screening exams are important for early detection noting that “the earlier breast cancer is caught, the better the outcomes.”

“During COVID there was a big drop off in mammograms, so we encourage people to return for their recommended screenings,” she emphasized. “In California, the Every Woman Counts program provides free breast cancer diagnostic screening for those with financial need.”

Although October is breast cancer awareness month, Rubin stressed that breast cancer continues day in and day out. She encouraged people to stop by the Thriving Pink Office between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to speak with one of its volunteers about breast cancer and to find support for the time of their diagnosis and throughout their survivorship.

“It is our hope that no one in Yolo County will ever go through breast cancer alone or without the support that they need to thrive,” she continued. “Thriving Pink serves those impacted by breast cancer in Yolo County with no cost programs and services.”

The nonprofit’s new office is located at 501 Second St. in Davis. For more information, visit

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