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Thriving Pink: A new home for expanding programs


Sep 2, 2022

Our home has always been in our community;to serve, support and advocate for the needs of those diagnosed with breast cancer in Yolo County.

We are committed to showing up wherever we can make a meaningful difference. Sometimes at educational workshops, wellness seminars, and community outreach programs.Other times at local hospitals, with walking groups at the park, in the homes of those who are newly diagnosed, and more recently, in the virtual world via Zoom.

We will soon have a new home, a real place for gathering, which will be the heart of our community in so many ways.  

Starting in October 2022, Thriving Pink will be opening a new office and community room at 501 Second Street in downtown Davis. The Pink Place will serve as a gathering place for our entire Thriving Pink community. The location is open and spacious on the first floor with an integrated private office, meeting space, kitchen, and resource library. It will accommodate in-person and hybrid virtual meetings, and includes an outdoor patio area as well.  

“We are really excited to see this dream come true,” Thriving Pink founder Mary Yin Liu said.“Our programs are growing and expanding after seven years, and we care deeply about our community.This will be a wonderful home and place for our community and volunteers to gather, and provide meaningful support.”

Thriving Pink plans to host an Open House with a Pink Ribbon cutting at their holiday reception in early December.  

As we near the end of summer, the Thriving Pink team also plans several special events to provide unique opportunities for connection and support for the community.


“Our workshops are open to the entire community. We welcome everyone to join us,” said Leslie Hunter, Thriving Pink’s new executive director. All of Thriving Pink’s programs and services are provided at no cost to the community. To RSVP to attend a workshop or volunteer to support Thriving Pink’s programs, please email  

Sept. 10, Thriving Pink Volunteer Day: Creating and assembling care-related items for comfort bags which will be distributed to local hospitals and to newly diagnosed survivors. 

7-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 12: Dr. Melissa Williams “Advances in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment”

9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 17: Morning Walk at Northstar Pond (Parking at 3500 Anderson Rd, Davis)

7-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26: Presentation by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners to focus on cancer prevention by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. 

Sept. 24-25: Thriving Pink Annual Renewal Retreat. This is an annual retreat weekend for individuals in Yolo County newly diagnosed with breast cancer offers meaningful support and resources. The retreat is professionally facilitated and thoughtfully planned by pink peers who have been on the same journey through a cancer diagnosis.  

Thriving Pink honors, celebrates, and supports those who are impacted by breast cancer. The local nonprofit organization provides individual financial grants to help with essential needs, including medical and quality of life care, educational workshops and wellness seminars facilitated by medical providers, and a pink peer mentoring program for those who are newly diagnosed.  

“The most important part of Thriving Pink is the realization that no one is in this alone,” said Gayle Norman Barry, who serves as chair of the Mentoring Pink program for Thriving Pink. “There are other survivors always willing to reach out and lend a hand. I found chemo to be tiring and from talking with others, realized that I can take this one step at a time and fight each battle as it comes. There is a place to go to find a group of women who understand and are there to help in every way from the initial diagnosis through the entire journey. I am really passionate about helping others to provide encouragement and support.”  

Chris Pineda, a local nurse, grant recipient, and Thriving Pink volunteer, said, “I was inspired by Gayle and appreciate the support. I now have a healing plan in addition to my treatment plan.” 

— Submitted by Thriving Pink board of directors.

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